Dr. Anazoeze Jude Madu

I am a haematologist with 12 years of experience (7 years as a resident doctor and 5 years as a consultant) working in both the laboratory as well as clinical aspects of haematology practice. As a resident doctor and Haematologist I have attended to HIV/AIDS patients and have undergone several trainings and programs in Medical health research, management and current aspects of HIV/ diagnosis and management. I am the Assistant Director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine and Infectious Diseases of the University of Nigeria. My research interests include haemato-oncology with a special bias for lymphoid neoplasms and the genomics of HIV and lymphomas.I have been involved in the training on safe blood transfusion organized by APIN/ Safe Blood for Africa. I have also been trained by the CCCRN in conjunction with the University of Nigeria as a HIV trainer and facilitator. I have worked as a consultant with the just concluded SUNMap program on malaria quality assurance organized by Malaria Consortium.

Through out the duration of my training as a resident up till this moment, I have attended several courses on biostatistics, research methodology and administrative aspects of management of a laboratory. I have also acquired a wealth of knowledge in data collection and analysis.